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Hi. I'm 20 years old slovak boy and I love my boyfriend, Phreine, flowers, plants, The X Files, Aliens, Japan, green, taking photos, paintings and more other stuff.. Enjoy my blog... =^_^= And if you are interested in naked/shirtless men, you can check my other (NSFW) blog just about men: Male Bodies

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hi it’s time for this video again

aaaaaaawesome :3

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hey kids wanna buy some weed


hey kids wanna buy some weed

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Prince George’s First Royal Tour

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Highgate Cemetery, 31 March 2014.

It’s haunting. Knowing you’re in the middle of a huge, living, breathing city, but standing in the mist of over a century old graves. The narrow paths, the vines clinging to trees and gravestones, the calm and quiet; it’s sad and beautiful and I fell in love with it. It gives you time to think and to breathe. I hope to come back again soon.

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Happy Earth day people.


Happy Earth day people.

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Suspicious Quotation Marks

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Saxifraga Arendsii-group ?


Saxifraga Arendsii-group ?

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20-year-old Momoko on Cat Street in Harajuku with lots of piercings (ear spike, stretched ear, labret, eyebrow, tongue, navel), Glad News top, HellcatPunks skirt & Jeremy Scott winged sneakers with tall platforms. She’s also wearing a Devilish leather arm cuff! Full Look